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Wednesday October 18, 2017
I emailed Broken Arrow Fencing on October 11 to make sure they had received our down payment check and asked for a start date. He told me start would be on October 30. I questioned him why so long and he replied with this email
"We did have rain delays, unexpected lost 3 days there and the digging was Rocky, we had to bring in heavy equipment.  I can assure you when we finish up we will be right on it. It very well could be sooner, I just wanted to give you a for sure date. Unfortunately in construction,  weather and other unknown things can put us or anyone behind.
I'll get everything materials associated next week.
I'll know more next week I'll keep u updated"
I will get in touch with him on Monday if I don't hear from him before.

Wednesday October 4, 2017
I spoke to Broken Arrow Fencing yesterday. They are running behind on the other HOA fence that they are working on now, due to the fact that they ran in to some unanticipated problems and the rain. He will let me know when they are getting close to starting on our front perimeter fence. I will be sending out emails today to the addresses affected. I know all of the email addresses are not up to date, so I am asking everyone who receives the email to please confirm your name, address and email back to us. Likewise if you read this, and don't get an email from us, please send name, address and email to HOA email. Hopefully this will help us keep you up to date on when your portion of the front perimeter fence will be replaced.      
Tuesday September 26, 2017
Good news finally! The front perimeter fence replacement has finally been approved by the insurance. Also the hole in the fence at the south end where the basketball goal was sitting will be fixed at the same time. The fence will be done by Broken Arrow Fencing. They are working on another HOA fence right now, but will start on ours as soon as they finish that one up. After weeks of calling and emailing several times a week, I am as ready as everyone else to get this done. Found out yesterday, that when I was told claims agent was out of office for the day, that he's really been out for an extended period of time. No one told me and apparently when I left messages or talked to someone else, nothing was being done. So frustrating.  Will update when Broken Arrow Fencing is ready to start.
Sunday September 10, 2017
August financials are available in documents.
Friday September 8, 2017
The fence replacement bid on the front perimeter fence has been submitted to the insurance. It has taken a while going back & forth with the insurance co. as they didn't want to send an adjuster out, and some of the fence companies that were supposed to give a bid never showed up or called.  We will let you know what is going on when we hear back from the insurance company.
Tuesday June 6, 2017
May financials have been updated and are available under documents. Don't forget annual dues are due. They may be paid online or by mail. The annual HOA meeting should be scheduled soon and information will be posted as it becomes available.
Tuesday Aug. 23, 2016
For those requesting information regarding modifications to their property, there is a form in the documents section titled "request for architectural change" that you can complete and submit by email for approval.
Thursday Mar. 19, 2015
Online Dues Payment Option Now Available: