• How much are annual dues?
     The annual dues are $260.
  • What happens to the money I pay in for dues?
    The funds the HOA receives from dues goes towards paying for parks and landscape maintenance, operations and social events.
    For more information visit the documents page to view the financial reports.
  • When do I have to pay dues?
    Annual dues need to be paid by June 1st of each year. About the first of January, any remaining outstanding balance will have a lein placed on their house. 
  • Where do I send dues?
     The Fairway Crossing HOA mailing address is:
    P.O. Box 140432
    Broken Arrow, OK 74014
  • Why am I paying dues?
    Some of the most common expenses are for upkeep of neighborhood parks, landscaping, lighting, and community social activities. Homeowners comprising of the Board of Directors take care of this. Serving on an association Board is sometimes a thankless and stressful non-paid volunteer position.  It can be difficult to approach a neighbor who is enjoying the neighborhood amenities, but who is not paying their proportionate share of expense. With the many benefits of an orginized community, there is the accepted burden of paying maintenance dues. If a homeowner isn't paying dues, the restrictive covenants may allow the Boad to file a lien on the delinquent homeowner's property.  

Emergency / City Information
  • How do I contact the Broken Arrow Action Center?
     The City of Broken Arrow's Action Center serves as a central contact point for citizens who wish to report a problem to the City. The Action Center takes the complaint, refers it to the appropriate department for action, and corresponds with the caller concerning any actions taken to resolve the problem or complaint.
    Phone: 918-258-3587
    In order to address requests for help, the Action Center staff needs the address of the property and the nature of the complaint or problem. They will also need your name and address and telephone number. That information should be left on the telephone message or included with your email request.
  • How do I find information about Broken Arrow?
  • How do I find information about Wagoner County?
  • Who do I contact about stray dogs and cats?
    Call the Broken Arrow Police Department non-emergency phone number, 918-259-8400, at any time, day or night. If the animal shows any signs of being rabid or vicious, call the emergency 911 number.
  • Who do I contact if I witness a crime?
     Please call the Broken Arrow Police Department non-emergency phone number, 918-259-8400, at any time, day or night. If you or someone else is in danger, hurt or being threatened, call the emergency 911 number

  • How do I get involved in the Fairway Crossing HOA?
    There is a lot of opportunity for anyone who would like to volunteer. Please contact us at hoa@fairwaycrossinghoa.com.
  • How many homes are in Fairway Crossing?
    Fairway Crossing has 160 total lots 1 of unoccupied commercial property that is not assessed dues.

Snow/Ice Removal
  • What can we do about snow/ice removal?
    In regards to getting the neighborhood plowed, salted and sanded during the winter time when we get snow and or ice, the streets in Fairway Crossing are the responsibility of the city, as they are public streets.
    The dues paid to the HOA do not include upkeep of the roadways or plowing during the winter months. For a full breakdown of the financials for the neighborhood, please locate the "Documents" section in the left side bar of the HOA Neighborhood website.
    The City has a mapped out path of where the plows and salt/sand trucks go to. Please always exercise caution while navigating the roadways, not only in our neighborhood, but where ever you drive during heavy snow/ice, as the safety of our residents is a priority.